How do I prevent data loss?

I am constantly saying to my customers that you can’t have too many backups. There are many solutions for backing up data, and each method will prevent data loss under certain circumstances. If you have a desktop PC, one of my favourite methods is to install a 2nd hard drive internally, and use software that “mirrors” the main hard drive to the 2nd hard drive. This means you have an exact copy of your hard drive and in the event of a hard drive failure, you can “theoretically” boot up from the 2nd drive. This method has the same advantage of using an external hard drive without the downside of having an additional device plugged into the computer and having the extra associated cables, and it is an exact copy. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t prevent data loss in the case of your house burning down or if someone steals your computer. That is why off-site backups are so important. I use and recommend a little program called Carbonite for this. Click on the link to read all about Carbonite

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