How do you get infected with a virus?

There are many ways, but by far the most common ways are as follows:

1. Visiting malicious websites. Porn sites are notorious for harbouring malicious content. Pirate software sites, game cheat and crack sites, free screen saver sites and so on are also high on the list.

2. Using Peer-to-peer software like LimeWire. You never really know what you are downloading. Then once you open whatever it is you have downloaded, you get infected.

3. Opening email attachments with a file extension that is an executable type. Refer to our Virus and Spyware Notes and Blog Post Why You Get Viruses

4. Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are also being targeted. There are viruses specifically written to exploit these sites. Just because you get a message from someone you know with a link to a website doesn’t mean you have to click on it!!!

5. Not doing Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader updates and not doing Java Updates.  This is a big one because a lot of viruses exploit older versions of these.

6. Not using antivirus software, or using outdated software, and not installing the Windows Updates as they become available.

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