What Antivirus software do we recommend?

Up until the last few months or so, I was of the opinion that AVG Free was as good as any Antivirus software, on the proviso that you didn’t do stupid things online like visiting porn websites, clicking on links in emails that were obvious phishing scams and making sure you kept Windows up to date along with Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader.

Well all that still stands, but I have found there is an increasing number of really nasty viruses out there that are just getting past the AVG product, and as such, I have now changed my thinking and moved to the Norton 360 & Norton Internet Security products and now recommend these as my preferred Security solution.

Traditionally I haven’t been a fan of Security Suites, and I’m still not, but Norton 360 & Internet Security are minimal in their intrusiveness and they use fewer system resources than some of the others, and more importantly they detect those nasty viruses that AVG didn’t and still doesn’t.

FYI we sell Norton Internet Security for $29.  This will cover 1 PC for 12 mths.

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