Free Vector Clocks for Windows 7

Are you bored with the default Clock Gadget in Windows 7?

If so, take a look at these free Vector Clock Gadgets!

Vector Clocks is a collection of clocks, all of them are unique and will jazz up your desktop.

There are heaps of changes you can make to these clocks, including the ability to change the transparency, you can rotate them, change the shadow colors, set alarms and lots of other modifications can be made.

Simply right click on the clocks and edit the settings.

You can download the clocks separately or all together as a single installer package.

PLEASE NOTE that the Installer Package may come with a PRE-CHECKED option to install bundled software. You should UN-CHECK that option.

I installed and tried out the Blue Rumba Clock on my Windows 7 desktop and it looked pretty cool!

Download page: Vector Clocks.

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