National Warranty Services is a national PC warranty company offering Australia-wide comprehensive high quality PC warranty services.

National Warranty Services is owned & managed by IT professionals with many years of experience in IT management and IT service. Unlike some dodgy Warranty Companies, one of which went bust recently (not mentioning any names United, oops), NWS is staffed by IT Service Professionals, and is not a shonky insurance business that delivers poor service, has little or no IT credibility, and treats people badly.

National Computer Warranties

National Warranty Services specialises in premium national computer warranties for PCs, laptops, Servers, and POS equipment.  There are a range of different warranty coverage periods and response times, with the best possible IT service.

Quite simply, National Warranty Services was created because there has been a long-standing need for a national computer warranty company that delivered helpful, friendly and efficient service to its end users, its Resellers, and its Service Agents. National Warranty Services believes very strongly in treating all its clients (Warranty Holders, Resellers, Service Agents) with courtesy, efficiency, honesty, helpfully, and professionally.

The NWS National Computer Services Division offers an ad-hoc, high priority, scheduled Australia-wide on-site installation, maintenance, and support services to corporate clients, IT service providers, and IT Resellers.

With over 3,700 experienced local IT Service Agents all around Australia, National Warranty Services provides high priority local on-site installation, maintenance and IT support services wherever you are.

National Warranty Services – Warranties You Can Trust

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