Don't want Windows 10 forced upon you?

So over the last few months, I've had Lot's, and Lot's and LOT'S…
Windows 7 to be retired

Only Windows 10 from the middle of next year

This will not please a lot of my customers, but it had to happen…
Windows 8.1 installation media

Windows 8.1 Installation Media Creation Tool

OK, so similar to our last Blog Post about a Microsoft Website…
Windows 7 Recovery Medi

Create a Windows 7 installation disk using the Microsoft Software Recovery website

Well here is a handy website to know about. I don't know how…
Windows 8 Reset and Refresh options

How to Refresh, Reset, or Restore your Windows 8 PC

  Windows 8 has Enhanced System Restore capabilities. Not…
Windows 8.1 update via the App Store

Windows 8.1 Update

Why you need to update to Windows 8.1 For those of you out there…

Is Windows 8 really that bad?

Well the short answer to that question is No. Those of you…

One year before XP's forced retirement

Did you know that in less than a years time, Microsoft will cease…

Free Vector Clocks for Windows 7

Are you bored with the default Clock Gadget in Windows 7? If…

Learn Windows 8 in 8 minutes

A beginners guide to Microsoft's soon to be released Operating…

Apple removes "more secure than Windows" claims

by Kevin McLaughlin Apple recently changed the wording…

How to fix XP if the 2nd "R" Repair Option is unavailable

Microsoft Windows(R) Recovery Console The Recovery Console…